All Party Parliamentary Group Health in All Policies Welfare and Work Act (2016) Inquiry Literature Review

Action for Children: 

Turning the Tide 

Revolving Door Pt2 

APPG on Homelessness: 

Homeless deaths meeting minutes 

Child Poverty Action Group: 

The Austerity Generation 

Unhappy Birthday: the two child limit at one year old 

UK poverty gaps are still increasing

Poverty and children’s wellbeing at 14 years old 

Work & Pensions Committee Inquiry into the welfare safety net – final

Work and Pensions Committee Inquiry into the Benefit Cap


Pathways from poverty: a case for institutional reform 


Impact Assessment Converting SMIs from benefit to loan 

Fabian Society: Andrew Harrop

Inequality by Stealth Tax Allowances and Social Security 2019/20

Faculty of Public Health: 

Start Well Live Better

Joseph Rowntree Foundation: 

UK Poverty 2018 a comprehensive analysis of poverty trends and figures 

Housing & Life Experiences Report 

Liverpool University: 

Assessing the Health Impact of Austerity and Rising Poverty in the UK 


The alleged simplicity of Universal Credit and the lived experience of benefit claimants 

Money and Mental Health Policy Institute: 

The Benefits Assault Course 

NHS England:

Guidance for NHS Commissioners on Equality and Health Inequalities legal duties (Equalities Act 2010) 

NHS Lothian:

Welfare Reform Health Impact Delivery Group – so what

WAHP Diagram Updated May 2019

The impact of UK Welfare Reform since 2010

Oxford University: 

Impact of Welfare Benefit Sanctioning on Food Insecurity 


Child Health in England in 2030: comparisons with other wealthy countries and State of Child Health: Sustainability and Transformation Plans 

Poverty and Child Health: views from the front line. 

Rural England: 

Issues facing Providers of Social Care in Rural England 


UN special rapporteur for extreme poverty and human rights, Professor Philip Alston, statement on visit to UK 

Submission from CILIP (The Library and Information Association) to the special rapporteur Professor Philip Alston

Welfare Conditionality:

Welfare Conditionality Final Findings Disabled People

Welfare Conditionality: Final Findings Overview

Statutory Reports:

NAO Financial Sustainability of Local Authorities (2018)

NAO Benefit Sanctions (2016)

NAO Report into Universal Credit (2018) 

DWP Benefit Cap: Analysis of outcomes of capped claimants (2014)

HMRC The transition from tax credits to Universal Credit: qualitative and quantitative research with claimants 2017

Work and Pensions select committee report into Universal Credit: support for disabled people (2018)

Department for Culture, Media and Sport Taking Part report focus on: Diversity (2016)

HOC Library Briefing Paper Inquiry into the Rights of Persons with a Disability in the UK (2017) 

DWP Converting Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) from a benefit into a loan

ONS Workless households for regions across the UK: 2017

ONS Employment in the UK: 2019


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