All-Party Parliamentary Group for Health in All Policies

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Health in All Policies is chaired by Debbie Abrahams MP for Oldham East & Saddleworth.

The purpose of the group is to consider the effects of national public policy on the health of UK populations – particularly on health inequalities between different population groups; to provide a discussion forum for parliamentarians; and to act as a source of well-evidenced and independent information on key social and public health issues.

The last AGM was held on 22 January 2019 in Room M, Portcullis House, at which the officers for the group were elected.

Minutes of meetings are available here.

Public Matters provides the Secretariat to the APPG.

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APPG Health in All Policies Inquiry 2019 – 3 Years On: Assessing the Impact of the Welfare Reform & Work Act 2016 on Children and Disabled Adults.

In 2015, the APPG for Health in All Policies undertook an assessment of the prospective impacts of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill on child poverty and health.

The approach taken was to establish perceptions of the relationship between poverty, inequality and health, and then to drill down into the potential impacts that the different measures of the Bill could have specifically on child poverty and subsequently child health and health inequalities.

You can read the Inquiry’s report here.

Three years on, the APPG for Health in All Policies is conducting a follow-up review of the actual impacts of the Welfare Reform and Work Act (WR&WA) 2016.

We are currently inviting submissions of evidence of the impacts of the different measures in the Act on children and on disabled people across the UK.

Submissions should respond to the following:

In the 3 years since the implementation of the Welfare Reform & Work Act  (2016), what impact has it had on levels of the poverty, inequality and health experienced by children and disabled people in the UK?

We welcome submissions which supply evidence in response to the question, and in relation to:

1. The specific measures in the Act, including (but not exclusively):

  • The reduction of the benefit cap (to £23,000 in London, £20,000 the rest of the UK),
  • The ‘freeze’ in the value of certain benefits for 4 years
  • Limiting support (from child tax credit or the child element of Universal Credit) to 2 children
  • Removing the work-related activity support component in Employment and Support Allowance
  • Changes in conditionality for responsible carers under Universal Credit
  • Replacing current mortgage interest support to loans for mortgage interest payments
  • Reducing social rents by 1% pa over next 4 years

2. The impact of the Act directly and indirectly on other legislation, services or access to these services, and vice versa, e.g., earlier welfare reforms (Universal Credit, sanctions, Personal Independence Payments, Work Capability and other assessments), taxation, housing, education, courts and probation services, NHS

3. Regional variations in impacts

4. Short and longer term impacts

5. Measurement and reporting methods, e.g social mobility, unemployment

The APPG for Health in All Policies is interested in your experience, as well as other qualitative and quantitative evidence, from the grey literature as well as peer-reviewed publications.

Please provide: name; job title; the organisation you represent (if applicable); email address; contact telephone number.

Please limit your response to no more than six pages of A4.

Please respond by Monday 4 March 2019. 

Send submissions to

You can download a pdf of this page here: APPG Health in All Policies Inquiry 2019

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