APPG HiAP Minutes of AGM 22 January 2019

Notes of the Annual General Meeting

Held Tuesday 22 January 2019 at 2pm

Room M Portcullis House

Present: Debbie Abrahams MP (Lab); Ruth Cadbury MP (Lab); Jim Fitzpatrick MP (Lab); Chris Evans MP (Lab Co-op); Eleanor Smith MP (Lab); Kirsty MacAulay representing Dr Philippa Whitford MP (SNP)

Secretariat: Jessica Ormerod (Public Matters); Deborah Harrington (Public Matters)

Observing: Mary Oguike

Apologies: Dr Philippa Whitford MP (SNP); Mr Jeremy Lefroy MP (Cons); The Bishop of Carlisle; The Baroness Lister of Burtersett CBE (Lab); Sir Kevin Barron MP (Lab); Luciana Berger MP (Lab), Jim Shannon MP (DUP)

1.       Welcome from Debbie Abrahams MP

Debbie Abrahams welcomed and thanked those present. She handed the chair to Deborah Harrington of the secretariat to run the election of chair.


2.       Election of Chair

Ruth Cadbury proposed Debbie Abrahams.


The chair returned to Debbie Abrahams

3.       Election of officers, Vice-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary, provision of secretariat

Jeremy Lefroy MP (Con) elected as vice-chair

Sir Kevin Barron (Lab) elected as Treasurer

Dr Philippa Whitford (SNP) elected as Secretary

Jim Shannon (DUP) elected as an officer

Deborah Harrington for the secretariat proposed they will provide notes and action records of all meetings, not verbatim minutes.









4.       Future work and meetings schedule proposals:

Debbie Abrahams gave a brief introduction and made the following recommendations

i)                       Whole group meetings 3 times per year

ii)                       Evidence sessions scheduled as appropriate

iii)                    The Health Impact Assessment approach to health in all policies, as discussed at previous APPG meetings, will continue to be the guiding principle of the APPG

iv)                    Group to aim to produce one report per year

v)                      Suggestions from group members of topics for future focus to be an inquiry into the actual impacts of the 2016 Work and Welfare Reform Act following on from the prospective assessment in 2016 of the impacts of the Bill. It was suggested that the scope of the assessment would be on children and disabled adults.







Timetabling for Inquiry:

1.       Public Matters would provide the Chair with an initial time-table and questions by the end of the week.

2.       Call for written evidence to relevant academics and professional bodies.

3.       It was agreed that the deadline for written evidence to be submitted should be Friday 1 March.

4.       Oral evidence sessions will be held in late April/early May.

5.       Target for launching the report early July.



Secretariat w/e 25 Jan

W/c 28 Jan




Date of next meeting tbc
Meeting ended 2.30pm


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